Getting on the blog bandwagon!


Well, this week has been a frenzy on the wardrobe! 76 and sunny, rainy and cooler, now snowing and 34?! It’s hard to make up your mind, let alone figure out what you’re going to wear! So as part of our New Year’s Resolution, we want to launch more social avenues to connect with customers and friends! It’s January 31st already, so here is our new blog site…this will be a great venue for us to discuss how schizophrenic weather can affect your trees, how you should care for them, and warning signs to protect and get the most value out of your trees. Proper pruning this time of year will help protect your valuable arboriculture when the winds unexpectedly pick up and limbs fall to the ground – and hopefully on nothing and no one!
If you have questions, please contact us on your social media method of choice!!!
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Twitter = @OttigerTreeServ
Still to come…YouTube and LinkedIn…so stay tuned and go like and follow us now!!
As always questions and suggestions are always appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Getting on the blog bandwagon!

  1. Is it true the roots on large older trees actually shrink so severe weather like ice and excessive rain make them topple over easier than younger ones with more extensive roots to support them?

    • Tree roots don’t shrink. They will continue to grow larger until they die. The reason large, mature trees usually topple over is because of the volume and weight of the crown and possible decay. As trees mature, decay can set into the root system which decreases the ability for the roots to hold the tree into the ground. Thank you for your question. We hope this answers it!

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